The laid-back place to be


During the day, the urban hotspot is buzzing with life. Tourists, business travellers and locals meet at MOOONS Restaurant for a short break. The adjoining garden area is a green oasis in Vienna’s 4th district and a retreat from the busy city. Our offer is as varied and diverse as daily life. A smart lunch at MOOONS means colourful bowls that pack a punch, delicious wok dishes and healthy protein sources that will get you back to your projects, to your desk or sightseeing with renewed energy. In the evening, the atmosphere changes: more laid-back, but not dull, guests take their time and are curious to see what the evening holds in store. That’s MOOONS at Vienna Central Station, where we serve up exciting cocktail creations, creative long drinks and wines that you won’t find on every corner. Winemakers we trust have carefully chosen the selection, casting the term “house wine” in a new light. In keeping with sophisticated drinking culture, one glass is not the end of it.

At MOOONS Restaurant, we offer a varied menu prepared from national and international regional specialties. The result is a combination of Austrian culture and the essence of MOOONS Vienna – new tastes, creative arrangements and refreshingly different compositions.  We’re sure that you will like it.